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Quantum dots tagged drugs showed better therapeutic outcomes in mice

Using Ag2S as a drug delivery vehicle could reduce doses by 99% - meaning less side effects


Key points from article :

New method to improve the efficiency of NMN and metformin in the liver by using a novel nanoparticle delivery method.

Metformin and NMN have the potential to be improved upon by more efficient and targeted delivery.

Researchers developed Ag2S quantum dots (QDs) to serve as a drug delivery vehicle.

QDs are only 7 nanometers in size, accumulate in the liver, after which they are rapidly cleared from the body.

QD-metformin and QD-NMN were absorbed by the small intestine dramatically faster, and accumulated in the liver in greater amounts.

QD-metformin was able to achieve the same effects as metformin alone with 100-fold lower dosing.

QD-NMN dosed at 1000-fold lower concentrations performed similarly to NMN only.

Conjugated drugs were utilizing endocytosis.

Improved outcomes were seen in older mice treated with QD-NMN.

Negligible cellular toxicity, inflammation or tissue damage for at least 100 days of daily intake.

Research by University of Sydney published in the journal ACS Nano.

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ACS Nano

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The University of Sydney

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