Placental stem cell derived NK cells are effective against multiple myeloma


An investigational cell therapy is safe and leads to good response rates against multiple myeloma.
PNK-007 is a therapy derived from placental stem cells.
Placenta-derived blood stem cells are differentiated into natural killer (NK) cells.
Induce cancer cell death and recruit other immune cells into the tumour environment.
Well-tolerated and no reports of serious adverse events or dose-limiting toxicity up to now.
15 participants, from 44 to 69 years old took part in this clinical trial.
Clinical trial by Celularity presented at American Society of Haematology.

Preliminary results from Phase 1 trial look promising

Mentioned in this article:

Company Celularity - Cell therapeutics company

Academic Robert J. Hariri - Surgeon, biomedical scientist and serial entrepreneur in biomedicine and aerospace

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