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Personalized medicine gives hope to terminal blood cancer patients


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NHS patients with lymphoma have for the first time been given a pioneering treatment.

Therapy called CAR-T is a "living drug" that is tailor-made for each patient using their body's own cells.

Therapy genetically reprogrammes their immune system to fight cancer.

T-cells are removed from the patient's blood, then they are frozen in liquid nitrogen, sent to the USA.

In the USA T-cells are genetically reprogrammed for seeking out and destroying cancer.

Millions of the modified cells are grown in the lab, then being shipped back to the UK.

Modified CAR-T cells are injected back into the patient.

Whole manufacturing process takes a month.

Some lymphoma patients are being completely cured in a way "never been seen before"

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King's College Hospital

Health care provider.

Victoria Potter

Consultant Haematologist at King's College Hospital.