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Personalised medicine embraces 3D printing for customised drugs


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Finnish healthtech company CurifyLabs has unveiled the world's first GMP-produced Pharma Inks for 3D-printed medicines.

This breakthrough paves the way for patient-tailored and personalised medications in pharmacies and hospitals.

CurifyLabs' Pharma Kit, featuring automated 3D printing and printable pharmaceutical inks, revolutionises personalised medicine.

The Pharma Kit addresses the limitations of manual compounding, saving up to 70% of the time compared to traditional methods.

Pharmacists can now produce customised medications efficiently while maintaining high manufacturing standards.

This innovation promises a future of personalised medicine, enhancing patient safety and convenience.

CurifyLabs' pharma kit streamlines the production of tailored medications

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High-quality 3D printing of personalised medicines

Personalised medicine embraces 3D printing for customised drugs