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Oisín Biotechnologies' gene therapy may be available in the next 5 years


Key points from article :

Oisín Biotechnologies is creating therapies to combat a variety of age-related diseases.

Their breakthrough gene therapy platform clears senescent cells in a highly precise way.

Uses a software program written in DNA that can be programmed to kill senescent/cancer cells.

The team at Oisín chose kidney disease as their first target.

In 2019 - 41 mice were treated with Oisín’s targeted therapy.

Treated mice lived 20% longer & senescent cell removal rates reached 70%.

A significant increase in bone density & reduction in solid tumours was also observed.

“Our approach is pretty much the exact opposite of the traditional pharmaceutical approach."

"With our approach, there is no drug, no poison at all – just a little program written in DNA."- Matthew Scholz, Co-founder & CEO.

Significantly safer and more cost effective than other delivery systems

Can treat disease without damaging healthy cells and causing harmful side effects.

Research by Oisín Biotechnologies.

Results in mice suggest that it can increase median lifespan in humans by 15 years

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Company Representative

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Oisín Biotechnologies


Oisin Biotechnologies is a preclinical biotechnology company that focuses on developing drugs against ageing