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North Sea Enclosure Dyke to protect 25 million Europeans


Key points from article :

Dutch government scientist proposed building two mammoth dams to completely enclose North Sea.

Feasible solution to the predicted sea level rise of 10 metres by 2500.

25 million Europeans could be protected from the consequences of rising sea levels.

475km dam between north Scotland and west Norway was “a possible solution”.

Along with another 160km one between west France and south-west England.

Estimated cost of so-called North Sea Enclosure Dyke at between €250bn and €500bn.

Spread over 20 years, annual cost to 14 countries would just be over 0.1% (combined GDP).

Dutch have been successfully protecting themselves against sea with dykes for centuries.

Research by NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.

Published in American Journal of Meteorology.

Dams between Scotland, Norway, France and England as defense for rising sea level

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Journal on weather, water, and climate science information


Professor of Hydrology at University of Reading


PostDoctoral Researcher, NIOZ


Physical Oceanographer at NIOZ