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New way to rebuild cartilage tissue for fixing injuries


Key points from article :

Scientists use magnetic field and hydrogels to rebuild complex body tissues.

Current fixes for cartilage breakdown are to fill holes with synthetic/biologic materials, which eventually wear away.

Researchers have found a way to fix tissue damage by repaving it instead of filling defects through in vitro studies.

Adding magnetic liquid to 3-D hydrogel and cells, could be arranged into specific patterns that mimic natural tissue.

The hydrogel solution with the cells was also exposed to UV rays to lock everything in place.

Magneto-patterned engineered tissues better resemble the native tissue, compared to standard synthetic/biological materials available.

“This approach can be used to generate living tissues for implantation to fix localised cartilage defects & generate living joint surfaces ” Robert Mauck explained.

Study by University of Pennsylvania published in Advanced Materials.

Cartilage tissue engineered using magnetic field and hydrogels

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Advanced Materials

Scientific journal covering materials science.

Robert Mauck

Professor of orthopaedic surgery and bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.