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New ageing theory: lake trout fish grow older but don't age

With age, these fish get bigger and more reproductive capable with only minimal risk of death


Key points from article :

Research in Canadian lakes is backing up a strange consequence of evolutionary theory.

Scientists were working in Ontario's Experimental Lakes since 1968.

Lake trout don't stop growing as they mature - older fish will be larger and more reproductively capable.

"There is a minor increase in mortality but maintain their reproductive performance perfectly," - Craig Purchase, co-author of the study.

"In the bottom of deep lakes, no predators can eat an adult lake trout."

"Theory predicts aging should be minimal in species where they increase their reproductive potential as they get older."

"...there should be signs of negative aging."

It would be tough to prove because big trout eat different things than little trout in big, deep lakes.

Sadly, none of this helps humans, "We might get fat, but we don't continue growing."

"If you can figure out...that potentially opens up how aging in humans happens in general."

Study published by Memorial University of Newfoundland in Royal Society.

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Craig Purchase

Biology professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Royal Society

Self-governing Fellowship of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists

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