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Nanobots - potential superheroes in the war against cancer

There's a chance for at least one of these novel approaches might work


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Several European nanobot startups are working on defeating cancer using many novel approaches.

Pumeram build nanobots that carried drugs to mutated cells and killed cancer cells.

They were successful in mice and are planning to go for human trials.

Eligo's nanobot technology is aimed at infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and oncology.

Nanovery develops nanobots that illuminates when they come into contact with cancer cells.

This will help in early detection of cancer cells.

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Advanced Functional Nanorobots

Research and production of nanobots.

Jerzy Kozyra

Founder of Nanovery.

Martin Pumera

Director of the Center for the Advanced Functional Nanorobots.


Nanovery is developing nanorobots to diagnose diseases.

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