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NAD precursor could prevent telomere loss

Restoring NAD homeostasis could help in ageing diseases with telomere dysfunction


Key points from article :

Researchers find that restoring homeostasis in NAD metabolism alleviates telomere dysfunction.

Telomeres are DNA sequences acting as protective caps of chromosomes and shorten every time a cell proliferates.

Fibroblasts with telomere dysfunction were found to have reduced levels of NAD-whose levels naturally decline with age.

Disruption in NAD levels affected several cellular metabolic pathways.

Researchers confirmed these findings in fibroblasts from patients with a premature ageing disease and mice lacking telomerase – the enzyme that extends telomeres.

Supplementation with the NAD precursor nicotinamide riboside alleviated telomere dysfunction by restoring NAD homeostasis.

“Telomere attrition is one of the nine hallmarks of ageing, and plays a significant role in ageing and many age-related health declines,”-Frank Jaksch, Co-Founder ChromaDex.

ChromaDex has invested over $35m exploring therapeutic effects of NR.

Research by NIH published in EMBO Journal.

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Frank Jaksch

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ChromaDex

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Government agency which funds research into health and care

The EMBO Journal

Journal focused on original research of general interest in molecular biology and related areas.

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