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More elderly are dying after falls as care crisis deepens


Key points from article :

Number of deaths in men over 85 has risen by 177%.

Greater increase than the number of people reaching that age.

Falls can lead directly to someone dying when they bang their head.

Or can happen later for example if they  break their hip and do not recover.

Only intervention that consistently prevents falls is having a lot of staff in an area.

This level is far above the traditional ‘safe staffing level’.

One third less over-65s receiving local council-funded social care than in 2010.

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British Geriatrics Society (BGS)

Professional body of specialists in the healthcare of older people in the United Kingdom

Eileen Burns

Physician and Past President of British Geriatrics Society.

Nick Scriven

Consultant physician and Immediate Past President Society for Acute Medicine

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Executive office of the UK Statistics Authority

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