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Mojo lens overlays content onto real world without disturbing your vision


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Mojo Vision detailed its progress on a tiny AR display it embeds in contact lenses.

Femtoprojector, a tiny magnification system, expands the imagery optically and beams it to a central patch of the retina.

The technology adds a layer of information onto real world images.

A ring of electronics including a tiny camera, display, processor, eye tracker, wireless charger, and radio link to the outside world.

Monitors your eye's movement and adjust imagery accordingly.

The display and projector don't disturb your real-world vision.

"You can read a book or watch a movie with your eyes closed," - Mike Wiemer, CTO at Mojo Vision.

Raised $159 million so far from venture capitalists.

Mojo Lens could help people with vision problems and athletes.

Prototypes have passed toxicology tests, and expects a fully featured prototype in 2021.

The device will have to pass muster with regulators and overcome social discomfort.

Smart lenses of the future: Mojo aims to assist in better vision using AR technology

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Mike Wiemer

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision

Manufacturer of Mojo Lens - a smart contact lens with a built-in display