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Meet Kris Gethin - a Welsh biohacker


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Kris Gethin's daily routine is gaining momentum across the world.

Biohacking is usage of technology, drugs, & other substances to improve health.

With a 'biological age' of 25 despite being 46 years old, Kris adopts some day to day 'biohacks.'

Supplements - as natural produce doesn't contain the same nutrients it did decades back.

Red light and an earthing bar - help his body heal and recover.

Special glasses and bulbs - protection from harmful blue light.

Special clothing and a tent - protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Stem cells injected into his muscles and joints - protection from the wear & tear of being an athlete.

Sensory deprivation tanks, constant testing and weekly coffee enemas.

"When it comes to biohacking as well there are going to be a lot of people that are suspicious of it..but you have to appreciate what we're all different. We can't be so bold and brash to say it does or doesn't work." - Kris Gethin.

From coffee enemas to pants blocking EMF radiation - his routine is straight out of a sci fi movie

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