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Medicine by Design invests $3M to tackle regenerative medicine's grand questions


Key points from article :

Can we create technologies that track cells?

How can we make regenerative medicine accessible to everyone?

Can we make tissues that perform better than nature?

Can understanding the physics of organ development lead to regeneration?

The University of Toronto’s Medicine by Design is developing transformative advances through its Grand Questions Program.

Investing $3 million to prepare for the future of regenerative medicine.

Alison McGuigan and her team are proposing a “contact tracing app” for cells.

Envisions being able to precisely program how a cell interacts with cell therapy.

Keith Pardee and his team want to make regenerative medicine affordable and accessible to everyone.

Michael Garton’s project aims to overcome the challenges of tissue transplants by genetically “upgrading” tissue before it is used.

Sevan Hopyan, an orthopaedic surgeon, focuses on tissue and organ regeneration.

Funding four bold projects to improve health care outcomes for degenerative diseases

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Professor in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at University of Toronto


Assistant Professor at Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto


Assistant professor in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto


Orthopaedic Surgeon at SickKids, Associate Professor in the Departments of Molecular Genetics & Surgery, University of Toronto


Public research university located in Toronto