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Medgadget interviews CEO of Virtual Incision


Key points from article :

Minimally invasive surgery(MIS) is beneficial but has not been broadly adopted.

Current mainframe platforms are not portable and required trained professionals.

MIRA (“miniaturized in vivo robotic assistant”) is a self-contained robot that uses MIS approach for various procedures.

A simple handheld device that enables complex abdominal surgeries such as colon resections.

Offers reduced recovery time, pain, blood loss, and overall complications.

Can be set up in minutes.

Surgeons can stand at a patient’s bedside and easily rotate the device into position.

Small, accessible and cheap-might open up access to robotic surgery much more broadly.

Planning to start the IDE Colectomy Clinical Study early next year in Lincoln, Nebraska.

John Murphy talks about a flexible mini robot (MIRA) that can help conduct bedside surgeries

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Company Representative

CEO, Virtual Incision


Company focused on developing an advanced, miniaturized robot for general surgery abdominal procedures, such as colon resections