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Mayo Clinic is excited to collaborate with NaNotics for cancer treatment

Ultra-low toxicity NaNots could have a wide variety of applications


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Nanomedical company focused on developing and commercializing NaNots™.

A novel subtractive nanoparticle that treats disease by capturing and clearing pathogenic molecules from blood.

Announced a research collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop a NaNot.

Targets the soluble form of PD-L1, a tumor-generated immune inhibitor.

Goal is to file an IND application with the U.S. FDA and commence human trials within two years.

Cancer cells with high levels of PD-L1 are able to “trick” the immune system into not attacking.

Approved drugs against PD-L1 do exist today but are limited in their capabilities.

NaNots are distinct from drug therapies, offer ultra-low toxicity in comparison to drug therapies.

Multiple animal studies to date have shown no measurable NaNot toxicity.

Lou Hawthorne, CEO of NaNotics says "... new kind of treatment that could contribute to improved outcomes for millions of cancer patients".

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Louis Hawthorne

Founder and CEO at NaNotics

Mayo Clinic

Non-profit American academic medical center focused on health care, education, and research


Company developing a novel nano-medicine platform for treating multiple diseases, including cancer, sepsis, auto-immune disorders and the harmful effects of aging.

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