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Longenesis closes $1.2 million to speed up digitisation of biomedical research


Key points from article :

Longenesis announced its late seed round of $1.2 million.

Funds to expand in its key markets and scale the deployment of its core products.

Curator allows hospitals or biobanks to publish anonymised patient datasets and receive collaboration requests from third parties.

Enables patient-centricity and empowers patients to take a proactive role in research studies.

“Flexible digital consent allows study participants to control their involvement in the study,” - Lilian Tzivian, epidemiologist at the University of Latvia.

Makes onboarding new patients easier with a single click to the research organisation link.

Exporting and monitoring tools that allow analysis throughout the study.

Deployed its solutions with several governments, biopharmaceutical companies and academic consortia.

Recently announced a partnership with Medtronic.

A driving force behind Longenesis is LongeVC, a service and investment fund to support biotech start-ups with a focus on industrial development, fundraising and development.

Latvian based startup aims for cost-effective research studies, prioritizing study participants

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Epidemiologist; Associate professor at University of Latvia


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