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Many conditions could be improved by removing signalling that prevents cells operating at their best


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NaNotics is a biotech company that creates nanoparticles that can soak up harmful molecules in circulation.

Journey to the longevity field was unusual and varied - starting as a graphic designer, through technical feasibility studies to science documentaries.

Explored the feasibility of cloning the pet dog of a billionaire.

The world’s first clone pet dog was actually a clone of my mom’s dog.

TNF is the body’s main “death signal”, normally delivered by immune cells directly to abnormal cells. 

Cancer cells cleave off the extracellular portion of the TNF receptor - which becomes  sTNF-R meaning “soluble”.

sTNF-Rs intercept and neutralize incoming TNF before it can reach a target cell and induce apoptosis.

Immune Pheresis device can routinely deplete them by about 70% (NaNots can deplete them by 95%).

Just need to deplete 12 millionths of a gram of immune inhibitors from blood.

Must be careful not to bind and block membrane TNF receptors.

The “eureka moment” came when saw his cloned dog wearing that cone that prevented her from biting her skin.

The inclusion of “Not” within the name is important, because NaNots are the opposite of a drug; they deplete their targets rather than adding molecules.

The inhibitors used by embryos and tumors are also employed by senescent cells.

NaNots have a “stealth” coating which can delay them being phagocytized by macrophages. 

The current generation of NaNots are built on a core of silica - well-known for its ultra-low toxicity.

The morbidity and mortality of sepsis is due to the immune system’s overreaction, not the trigger.

Anti-inflammatory NaNots will soak up their target cytokines rapidly and thoroughly before the process spirals out of control.

In order to treat Inflammaging, we have to soak up these excess inflammatory cytokines over a period of decades.

We’re developing GEN-3 NaNots, which are polymer-based, and could dose somebody every week for the rest of their lives with no cumulative negative effects.

We have a pipeline of eight NaNots (with dozens more in line after that). 

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Louis Hawthorne

Founder and CEO at NaNotics


Company developing a novel nano-medicine platform for treating multiple diseases, including cancer, sepsis, auto-immune disorders and the harmful effects of aging.

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