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Kane Tanaka, world's oldest person from Japan celebrates her 119th birthday


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The world’s oldest person has celebrated her 119th birthday – and is already excited for the next one.

Kane Tanaka, from Japan, has lived through two World Wars, seen 58 prime ministers, and survived the 1918 Spanish flu.

Marked her big day on January 2 at the nursing home where she lives in Fukuoka prefecture.

Fizzy drinking-loving gran was given two Coca-Cola bottles, with labels personalized with her name and age.

Naming her age ‘a great achievement’, granddaughter revealed that Kane hopes to live to 120.

The Guinness Book of Records recognized Kane’s status in March 2019, when she was 116.

Declared Japan’s oldest-ever person in 2020, when she reached 117 years and 261 days.

Kane is unable to speak and communicates via gestures.

Japan officials asked her to represent the country in the Olympic torch relay last year.

But she was forced to pull out amid concern about spreading Covid to others in her nursing home.

This supercentenarian is already aiming to live to 120 years

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Oldest person alive at 117 years, died on April 19th 2022