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José Luis Cordeiro looks at the positive opportunities from Covid-19


Key points from article :

The Chinese word for crisis has two characters - first represents danger and the second opportunity.

Coronavirus is now a global problem and it requires a global solution.

Fantastic opportunity to move forward together as one global family.

Governments, large companies, small startups, universities, and even individuals are trying to figure out how to control Covid-19,

The costs will be high at the start, but they will be quickly amortized.

When HIV and AIDS appeared, it took more than two years to sequence the virus.

Thanks to exponential advances in science and technology, it only took 2 weeks to sequence Covid-19.

This pandemic could be remembered in the future for having been overcome with unprecedented speed.

The experience will serve as a lesson for other global challenges such as climate change or terrorism.

2020s will certainly be a decade full of incredible opportunities for all of humanity.

In the next 10 years we are going to see more technological changes than in the last 100 years.

Some interesting figures on how we are able to sequence new viruses faster and faster