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Intense exercises may not help you live longer


Key points from article :

Exercise intensity makes no difference to risk of mortality among older adults, suggests a randomised controlled trial.

Previous observational studies showed significant reduction in early death in physically active individuals.

Researchers evaluated the effect of five years of supervised exercise training compared with recommendations for physical activity on mortality in older adults.

The trial involved 1,567 participants aged 70-77 in Norway.

400 were assigned to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), 387 were assigned to moderate intensity continuous training (MICT), and 780 followed Norwegian guidelines for physical activity (control group)for five years.

No difference in all cause mortality, cardiovascular disease or cancer between the control group and combined HIIT and MICT group was found.

However, highly active participants in the control group could have hampered findings.

Study by Norwegian University of Science and Technology published by BMJ Today.

No difference to mortality risk in elderly who do HIIT or moderate intensity continuous training

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