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Implantable cell pouches as living medicines to treat chronic diseases


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Crystal Nyitray, CEO & Co-founder of Encellin, provided an overview of the company’s emerging cell tech to treat chronic disorders.

- Recently announced the closing of a $5.9 million Seed financing round.

- Encellin developed a way to protect implanted cells and the host from rogue cells.

- Our technology can empower cells to be living medicines in the body.

- Invented a soft cell encapsulation device (CED) that functions like a pouch to hold and help cells survive in the body.

- CED allows enclosed cells to function like smart molecular factories, releasing therapeutics when and where needed.

- Building a pipeline of cell-based therapies focusing on high unmet clinical needs.

- We will also work with hospitals and payers to ensure patient accessibility.

- Encellin is a preclinical stage company, with proof of concept in animals. Lead programs are at the doorstep to clinical entry.

Encellin's encapsulation device protects implanted cells, promising targeted cell therapy

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Company Representative

CEO and Co-founder of Encellin


Cell-based therapeutics to help patients with chronic unmet clinical needs