Hospital sepsis deaths 'jump by a third'


Sepsis deaths in England's hospitals increase by more than a third in two years.
Sepsis was the cause of death in 15,722 deaths.
Staff shortages and overcrowding on wards are partly to blame.
Statistics may be partly ware to increase in awareness and detection of sepsis.
Sepsis is a complication of an infection and can lead to multiple organ failure.
Symptoms include slurred speech, extreme shivering and severe breathlessness.
COMMENT: keep an eye on your loved ones if they're in hospital

The causes of this sudden increase remain unclear and hospital records are not helping

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Resource Brian Jarman - Director of the Dr Foster research unit at Imperial College in London.

Resource Ron Daniels - Founder and CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust.

Resource The UK Sepsis Trust - Charity helping people and their families affected with sepsis.

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