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Gum disease could trigger high blood pressure


Key points from article :

Review included 81 studies with more than 250,000 people.

People with periodontitis had a 22% increased risk of hypertension and those with severe gum disease 49%.

Among people with periodontitis, systolic pressure was 4.5mm Hg higher, diastolic pressure 2mm Hg higher.

Researchers found that blood pressure dropped when periodontitis had treated.

More studies are needed to see if improving oral health can influence heart and vascular health.

Dentists should warn patients about the potential risk of gum disease and high blood pressure

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Cardiovascular Research

International journal of the European Society of Cardiology

Francesco D'Aiuto

Dr D'Aiuto is a professor and head of periodontology unit at UCL

University College London (UCL)

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