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Fraility maybe a better marker for ageing than telomere length


Key points from article :

Telomere length lacks association with ageing, yet frailty reflects mortality.

Frailty is a multi-systemic syndrome where there is a decrease in functionality.

It is a well-establish marker for ageing and mortality.

Measured by unintentional weight-loss of 4.5kg a year, exhaustion, weakness, slow walking speed.

Relationship between telomere length and frailty remains unclear.

A cross-sectional and longitudinal study was done.

Blood samples were analysed to calculate TL and physical performance was evaluated to determine FP

No association was found between TL and frailty or mortality.

However, strong inverse correlation was found between frailty and mortality [6].

Research by Hospital Universitario de Getafe published in GeroScience.

Telomere length may not be an accurate indicator of lifespan & health in the elderly

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International, peer-reviewd journal of the American Aging Association published 2 times per month


University hospital in Getafe, Spain