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First-ever true clinical trial to slow down ageing in dogs


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The Dog Aging Project aims to demonstrate dogs as a compelling model for aging and age-related disease in humans.

Started a clinical trial using rapamycin in healthy dogs to show improvement in lifespan and healthspan.

Matt Kaeberlein believes that rapamycin is the best shot for a longevity intervention in a clinical trial.

Trial comes after two short-term pilot studies in dogs, predominantly to show safety data.

The 3-year study focuses on seven year old healthy dogs weighing at least 40 pounds at the time of enrolment.

Following a recent donation, the trial is now extended to around 600 dogs.

“This is really the first true clinical trial for aging or longevity, because this is a healthy aging study,” says Kaeberlein.

Lifespan is the primary endpoint; multiple secondary endpoints include heart function, cognitive function, kidney function and activity.

Kaeberlein hopes a positive trial in dogs would have a broader impact on the field of aging and geroscience in general.

A rapamycin trial testing healthspan improvements in dogs; results may extrapolate to humans as well

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Professor at University of Washington and chair of the American Aging Association