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FDA approved LyGenesis' phase 2a trials on liver failure patients


Key points from article :

Biotech firm LyGenesis, Inc announced that the US FDA has cleared its Investigational New Drug application.

LyGenesis will be conducting a Phase 2a study on its novel cell therapy for patients with end stage liver disease.

Completed over $11 million in private financing led by Juvenescence Ltd. and Longevity Vision Fund.

Funds will also be used to develop other cell therapies to regrow functioning organs including pancreas, kidney and thymus regeneration.

“Our transition to a clinical stage biotech company is now complete" - Michael Hufford, Co-Founder and CEO of LyGenesis.

"Lack of genetic manipulation, ease of administration, and low cost of goods for our cell therapy forms the foundation..” - Hufford.

"They have the cash to run their trial and also progress additional cell therapies toward the clinic,” - Jim Mellon, Co-Founder of Juvenescence.

“...tackle most challenging unmet medical needs with a unique organ regeneration technology," - Sergey Young, founder of Longevity Vision Fund.

Raised $11M funding which goes into trials and developing functional organs

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Jim Mellon

British entrepreneur, author and philanthropist with interests across a number of industries


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.

Longevity Vision Fund

$100M life extension-focused investment fund


Organ regeneration using a patient's lymph nodes as bioreactors to grow ectopic organs

Michael Hufford

Professor, CMO of e-Nicotine Technology and CEO of LyGenesis.

Sergey Young

Author and Longevity investor and visionary.