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Exeters' company SENISCA raises £2 million to treat age-related chronic diseases


Key points from article :

SENISCA bagged £2 million from existing investors, to take its cell rejuvenation technology to aid healthy ageing.

Vision to deliver innovative, effective pharmaceutical interventions to treat age-related chronic diseases.

Latest seed round include R42 Fund, Emerging Longevity Ventures, Longevity Tech Fund and Trend Ventures.

Also welcomes on board QantX and APEX Ventures as new investors.

Cash funds raised supplements the recent award of a £180,000 grant from Innovate UK.

Innovation is to restores functional levels of RNA splicing factors-takes  ‘senescent’ cells and resets the cellular ageing clock.

Kirsty Semple, Chief Executive Officer, said: "-We aim to be among the first UK-based teams to employ this emerging science in the context of complex age-related disease.”

Professor Lorna Harries, Chief Scientific Officer, said: “This new investment will allow us to move our emerging innovations rapidly through our development program towards pre-clinical evaluation-"

Funding might allow RNA-based rejuvenation tech to enter ex vivo lab tests

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Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of SENISCA


Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Exeter.


University of Exeter spinout aiming to develop senotherapeutic interventions


UK university and member of the Russell Group of leading research-intensive UK universities