Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP) could rectify diabetes


Betalin Therapeutics has developed a bio-artificial pancreas to free patients from insulin injections.
Designed for people with type 1 diabetes, and those with type 2 diabetes who require insulin.
Biological scaffold holds beta cells that release insulin based on the patient’s blood sugar levels.
Only just visible to the naked eye.
A few hundred EMPs implanted under the skin on the thigh using local anaesthesia.
One time procedure with long-lasting effects.
Technology was developed by Prof Eduardo Mitrani of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Life Sciences.
Scaffold is adapted from pig lung tissue.
More robust, longer-lasting, and cheaper (~£31,000) than Edmonton Protocol.
Submiting a request for human clinical trials in the UK, hoping to go to the market by 2024.
There are many more diseases that we intend to cure with ... this technology.” - Nikolai Kunicher, chief executive.

Betalin's biological scaffold holds beta cells that release insulin instead of having to inject it

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Company Betalin Therapeutics - Develops Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP) as a cell therapy solution for insulin-dependent diabetes

Company Representative Nikolai Kunicher - CEO at Betalin Therapeutics

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