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Early intervention before disease progression using glyhealth


Key points from article :

Avenna developed a precision medicine approach that targets inflammatory diseases using glycomics.

From a blood sample, the company assess reliable measure of chronic inflammation.

Avenna aims to develop effective, affordable, scalable and accessible healthcare solutions

Measurement of general, disease-specific inflammatory processes prior to the occurrence of tissue and organ damage.

Tests can provide early warning of disease progression and allow early personalised intervention.

"GlyHealth is the first platform to provide a reliable, quantitative measurement of SCI" - Nina Skorytchenko, founder and CEO of Avenno.

Clients at wellcode are offered glyHealth test in addition to other tests in the initial consultation.

“GlyHealth index provide rich data on biomolecular processes that would otherwise be invisible.” - Skorytchenko.

Avenna intends to expand within the wellness sector, while exploring with regenerative medicine and biopharma companies.

Avenna's glyhealth alerts practitioners about subclinical chronic inflammation

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Biotech startup focused on fast-track prognosis, diagnosis and treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs), extend lives

Nina Skorytchenko

Founder and CEO of Avenna and Wellcode Life