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Drones to deliver defibrillators for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Sweden


Key points from article :

Sweden plans to dispatch Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

Operators that answer 112 emergency calls can dispatch a drone carrying an AED if they suspect an OHCA.

Drones will use GPS technology and advanced camera systems to navigate to the scene.

AED will be lowered using a winching device while the drone hovers 30m above.

Will complement existing ambulance dispatching.

Plans to start the first trial in June, focusing on the municipalities of Gothenburg and Kungälv.

Research collaboration between SOS Alarm, Karolinska Institute (KI) and Everdrone.

Immediate defibrillation is the key to surviving a sudden cardiac arrest

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Associate professor at Center for Resuscitation Science at Karolinska Institute


A company developing advanced software and visual navigation for autonomous drones for public safety and emergency response


Public Medical university.

Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer of SOS Alarm in Sweden

Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer of Everdrone


Responds to emergency number 112 in Sweden