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Drone delivers defibrillator before ambulance arrives


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Man was clearing thick snow from his driveway when the cardiac arrest hit.

A passing doctor started doing CPR while asking another bystander to call the emergency number.

"Just minutes later, I saw something flying above my head. It was a drone with a defibrillator." explained the doctor.

"... there's a chain of events saving the person's life, and the drone is a very critical part of how that system works" - Mats Sallstrom, Everdrone chief executive, "roughly 60 seconds from the alarm we can be on our way."

The drone is a partnership between the Karolinska Institutet, the national emergency operator SOS Alarm, Region Vastra Gotaland and Everdrone.

In a 2020 study, in western Sweden drones arrived before the ambulances in 7 out of 14 cases.

Everdrone says the system has got a lot faster since then.

Everdrone is in talks to bring the technology to other countries, including the UK.

The system might be used to deliver other urgently needed medical devices.

Everdrone looking to expand its drones' capabilities within Sweden and beyond

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A company developing advanced software and visual navigation for autonomous drones for public safety and emergency response

Mats Sällström

Chief Executive Officer of Everdrone