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DKG profile interview with its own Remus Stanescu, Director of Longevity Financial Advisors


Key points from article :

Ageing, life extension, longevity - this market is being named in different ways.

As new funding increases some of the most influential tech players and richest people in the world have joined the field.

It is extremely important that the companies and public institutions reach common actions so as not to waste resources and time.

Biotech and Biomedicine are characterised by much higher levels of complexity than other industries, requiring deeper science and more sophisticated approaches to analysis, forecasting, valuation and due diligence.

Longevity industry will see much higher failure rates than the already-high clinical trial failure rates of Biotech.

Not just the biggest industry in human history, but the one with the largest potential social impact and humanitarian benefit as well.

Rather than investing in sectors dependent on the outcomes of clinical trials, consider other non-biomedical sectors, such as AgeTech, Longevity FinTech, WealthTech, InsurTech, etc.

We have been heavily prioritising some biomedically-focused sectors, in particular AI for Longevity and Biomarker Panels of Human Longevity.

We will be launching 10 structured financial products tied to the Longevity industry in 2022.

Longevity gerotherapeutics need to first to show effect in a specific disease... which means a longer runway to goal.

Highlights some nuances when investing in the longevity industry

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Venture capital fund that invests in life sciences, cancer research, age-related diseases and regenerative medicine.

Company Representative

Head of Structured Products and UK Operations at Deep Knowledge Ventures