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Dentroid's robotic laser to revolutionize dentistry post-pandemic


Key points from article :

The pandemic has rushed this cutting-edge dental technology to the forefront of medical necessity.

Dentroid's "silver bullet" for future dentistry is smaller than a box of matches.

It fits onto an ailing tooth, examines, 3D-maps it using vision systems.

Uses AI and special lights to diagnose what treatment is required.

Then under a dental practitioner's guidance, treats the tooth using "smart" laser beams.

This is for common precedures such as removing decay or preparing for a filling or a crown.

"The diagnosis element is stage one and this is such a critical part."

Next stages are having the device perform the required treatment.

The dentist will use a joystick and a computer mousepad to guide microdrills.

80% reduction in anesthesia needs, seen with this form of treatment.

Tech allows a dentist to perform a procedure from hundreds of kilometres away.

Clinical trials expected to start within the next 18 months.

Offers physical protection for patients, dentists among other advantages

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Company Representative

Co-inventor, co-founder and CTO of Dentroid Technologies


dental technology company, Canberra, Australia


Australian Minister for Health

Company Representative

Co-Founder, Co-Inventor and CEO at Dentroid Technologies (Emudent)