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Defeat lung cancer at an early stage with CT scan


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Giving smokers and ex-smokers a CT scan uncovers cancerous lung tumours at an early stage.

Lung cancer is a particularly brutal form of cancer because it is hard to detect.

Three out of four cases are diagnosed at stage three or four.

CT scanning meant that 70% of the growths were identified when the disease was at stage one or two.

"With Summit study, seven out of 10 are potentially curable, because they were detected earlier," - Sam Janes, senior investigator.

Found 180 cases of lung cancer among 12,100 smokers and ex-smokers.

The government should move to bring in routine screening of smokers and ex-smokers.

“.....early detection offers best chance of curative treatment and saving more lives,” - Robert Rintoul, chair of clinical advisory group of the UK Lung Cancer Coalition.

Proprtion of patients diagnosed at stage one or two rose from 19.5% in 2013 to 29% in 2019.

NHS England is carrying out small-scale trials in which people are offered a CT scan to check their lungs.

CT scan detects 70% of early-stage lung cancers; NHS England launches pilot screening

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