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Cray X exoskeleton built to develop health & work productivity


Key points from article :

Exoskeleton technology build hardware that humans can wear to supercharge their abilities.

German Bionic, one of the startups designing exoskeletons specifically aimed at industrial and physical applications.

The Augsburg, Germany-based company has raised $20 million.

Cray X currently can compensate up to 30 kg for each lifting movement.

“Robotic technology that combines human work with the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)..."- Armin G. Schmidt, CEO of German Bionic.

Co-led by Samsung Catalyst Fund and German investor MIG AG.

"It can be a transformative technology with mass market potential.” Young Sohn, corporate president for Samsung Electronics.

German Bionic describes Cray X as a “self-learning power suit”.

Advancements in cloud computing, hardware and artificial intelligence.

Applications include helping people with knee injuries, ski better, and for medical purposes.

German Bionic raises $20M fund in Series A to develop its exoskeleton technology

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Company Representative

CEO and co-founder of German Bionic


Robotic company that build exoskeletons for industrial purposes

Company Representative

Corporate President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics and Chairman of the Board of HARMAN