Combination of two molecules, a potential treatment for osteoarthritis


Successful reversion of course of osteoarthritis (OA) in rats by combining two molecules.
The first molecule is a-Klotho, the main variation of the Klotho enzyme.
Its genetic overexpression has been shown to extend lifespan in mice.
Second compound is TGFßR2, a receptor binding TGFß1--drastically elevated in joints with OA.
Combined beneficial effect of two molecules on OA markers' greater than effect of each one separately.
Experiment done by inducing OA in rats by injection of papain.
Molecules' expression in rats’ OA-affected joints was ramped up using AAV-based delivery system.
The research group showed improvement six weeks after the injection.
With significant recovery of cartilage structure and thickness versus the OA control.
RNA sequencing revealed that the treatment resulted in the downregulation of some genes.
That are known to promote inflammatory reaction, excessive immune response in OA patients.
Research by Salk Institute for Biological Studies, published in Protein & Cell.

Raises hope to end the extensive physical and psychological suffering the condition brings

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