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CD38 enzyme: the culprit behind age related metabolic diseases


Key points from article :

Researchers identify CD38 enzyme that is responsible for the decrease in NAD during ageing.

NAD decline is associated with age-related metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes and others.

Levels of CD38 increased at 2 to 3 times during chronological aging in all tissues tested in mice.

This decrease was noted in tissues including the liver, fat, spleen and skeletal muscle.

CD38 increased up to 2.5 times in the fat tissue of 61 year old humans compared to the 34 year olds.

Plans to develop compounds that can inhibit CD38 function to increase NAD levels during ageing.

Research by Mayo Clinic, published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

The focus is to find ways to keep up the NAD levels in tissues with ageing

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Eduardo Chini

Professor of Pharmacology and Anaesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Mayo Clinic

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