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CARMAT raised €40.5 million - set to resume the artificial heart production


Key points from article :

CARMAT, the developer of the completely artificial heart has successfully raised €40.5 million in funding.

Beating around 100,000 times per day, our hearts can unfortunately wear out as we age.

End-stage heart failure often affects the left chamber of the heart, leading to biventricular heart failure.

Vital organs like the brain, liver and kidney fail.

Requires serious intervention like heart transplantation – considered the gold standard therapy.

A risky procedure that is made more complicated by the short supply of human grafts.

Aeson, a implantable artificial heart is highly compatible with blood and pulsates by itself.

It is powered by a portable external power bank.

Currently commercially available in the European Union and in the US under clinical trials.

Stéphane Piat, CEO of CARMAT confirmed the resumption of production which was suspended in 2021.

He said, “We are one step closer to providing a genuine solution for end-stage biventricular heart failure.”

Aeson could prolong lives of patients awaiting a human heart transplant

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Vision to become the primary alternative to heart transplants with the implementation of our Total Artificial Heart

Stephane Piat

CEO at Carmat