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Calico partners with AbbVie to develop a cancer drug

Ex-Genentech CEO's drug company starts first clinical trial of cancer research


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Calico Life Sciences has been looking to exploit new ways to control lifespan.

43-patient study of a drug called ABBV-CLS-579 has flown under the radar since it was posted on

Calico and AbbVie are broadly focused on age-related diseases, including neurodegeneration and cancers.

ABBV-CLS-579, a capsule aimed at inhibiting programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) in solid tumors.

The study has two arms: one with participants receiving escalating doses of ABBV-CLS-579; the other with people receiving escalating doses of the drug plus an undisclosed PD-1 inhibitor.

PD-1-targeting drugs from companies are effective but don't achieve complete responses.

Several companies are working on drugs that combine with other PD-1 inhibitors.

Calico and AbbVie last month received a patent for protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor type 2.

The idea would be to delete the PTPN2 gene to sensitize tumors to immunotherapy.

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