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Bringing regenerative technology to patients


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Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine has been at the forefront of tissue and organ regeneration.

Dr. Anthony Atala, the institute’s Director says " As we age, we all naturally have increased fibrosis in our bodies....a major area that we are working on is how to reverse the fibrosis to start with, so you don’t end up with kidney failure, or heart failure, or liver failure.”

The institute also works in the area of gene editing with tools like CRISPR.

Wake Forest has gained recognition for its work in 3D bioprinting in recent years.

For commercialization purposes, the institute has a “generator”, to bring technologies, in advanced preclinical or post clinical trial stages to market.

They also own a regulatory team along with an FDA-compliant manufacturing facility, to proceed through clinical trials themselves.

A successful commercial venture that has come out of Wake Forest, is Twin City Bio an established contract manufacturing organization.

Commercialization of tissue and organ regeneration process for clinical use

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