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Breaches at UK labs handling potentially deadly diseases


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100 safety incidents in 5 years including live anthrax being accidentally posted Grand Challenge announced by NASA to find all asteroids that threaten significant human populations – one of big ones that we may need to survive however immortal we make our bodies. In fact, the longer we live, the more likely we’ll have to deal with a potential planet killer in our lifetimes.

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Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)

Executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the UK.

Brian Spratt

Retired Professor at Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

National public health institute of the United States.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Government agency preventing work-related death, injury and ill health.

Pirbright Institute

Research institute dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals.

Richard H. Ebright

Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University.

Thomas V. Inglesby

Director at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Tom Frieden

President and CEO at Resolve to Save Lives, former Director at CDC.

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