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BioNTech's vaccine prevents multiple sclerosis in rodents


Key points from article :

New vaccine technology used for COVID-19 has been used to develop mRNA vaccine for multiple sclerosis (MS).

The vaccine helped the immune system tolerate MS proteins without compromising immunity.

mRNA candidate wrapped the gene information for MS-causing self-antigens in fatty substances.

Successfully ameliorated MS symptoms in sick mice.

Prevented disease progression in rodents showing early signs of MS.

Lower levels of CD4+ T cells in the brain and spinal cord were seen.

T cells in the spleen showed low expression of markers critical for the immune cells to enter the CNS.

Expansion of regulatory T cells, or Treg cells was seen.

Treg cells offer a more general “bystander tolerance,” which suppresses T cells against other antigens.

The mRNA technology is being hailed as a revolution in the vaccine space.

Research by BioNTech published in Science.

Developed through a novel mRNA technology used in vaccine for COVID-19

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