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Bionic eye implant will restore vision to the blind


Key points from article :

Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT) started work on its world-leading Australian bionic eye technology.

Designed for people with the inherited retinal disease retinitis pigmentosa for which there is no current cure.

Safe and gives significant improvements to functional vision and quality of life.

Users reported an improved awareness of external objects and surroundings.

Received AU$1million from the Medical Research Future Fund's BioMedTech Horizons 3.0 program in late 2020.

Vision processing software turns images into signals that stimulate the brain.

New software is a key part of next generation device set.

A unique implant method that allows the device to be upgraded or replaced.

"Exciting new Australian medical technology with the potential to improve the lives of millions worldwide," - Ash Attia, CEO of Bionic Vision Technologies.

BioMedTech Horizon supports new medical technologies and is focused on digital applications and personalised medicine.

Medical Research Future Fund Grants AU $1M to progress vision processing software

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Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer at Bionic Vision Technologies


Australian medical technology firm developing visual prostheses