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Arda Therapeutics, new biotech startup aims to delay or reverse disease progression


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Adam Freund, the founder and CEO of Arda Therapeutics, announced the arrival of Arda Therapeutics in a blog post on January 25th.

Arda Therapeutics is backed by some well-known venture capital funds.

To bring harmful cells back to normal can be challenging because of immense complexity and interconnectedness of cellular processes.

"..many aspects of aging are driven by the hyper-activation of particular cell types, and that if we can remove those cells, we will delay (and possibly reverse) tissue deterioration," - Freund.

For this approach to succeed, such cells must be precisely identified.

Single-cell sequencing allows researchers to build detailed cell maps based on subtle differences between cellular subtypes.

To eradicate cancer, every single cancer cell must be killed; to alleviate other diseases, it might be enough to lower the burden of bad cells.

It might be tricky to devise a precise targeting and delivery method. Yet, recent breakthroughs (lipid nanoparticles) inspire hope.

Tailoring strategies to eliminate bad cells in age-related diseases

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Adam Freund

Principal Investigator at Calico

Arda Therapeutics

Targeting cells to treat diseases and ageing