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AMBAR study improved the quality of life in Alzheimer's disease


Key points from article :

Plasma exchange leads to statistically significant functional in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

AMBAR (Alzheimer’s Management by Albumin Replacement), clinical trial to study the effects of plasma exchange on AD.

AD is linked to the accumulation of the misfolded protein amyloid beta (Aß) in the brain.

In the blood, more than 90% of Aß is tied to molecules of another protein, albumin.

Significant slowing in AD progression was observed in the range of 42%-70%.

Depending on the test, the amount of albumin in the fresh plasma, and the severity of the disease.

Results were dependent on the dosage of albumin and on the disease stage.

Results regarding verbal learning and memory were less affected by the severity of AD but also less pronounced.

Researchers point out that, immunoglobulin supplementation accounted for a good deal of the change.


A hot topic in longevity research is plasma exchange for Alzheimer’s disease

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