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AI tool could detect lung disease in minutes using X-ray images


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A tool developed by researchers at the institution could detect lung diseases in a matter of minutes.

The technology originally created to quickly detect Covid-19 from X-ray images.

Has now been proven to automatically identify a range of different lung diseases with 98% accuracy.

Naeem Ramzan, a researcher, said: “Systems such as this could prove to be crucial for busy medical teams worldwide.”

The technology uses X-rays, then compares the scans to a database of thousands of images from patients with pneumonia, tuberculosis and Covid.

“X-ray imaging is a relatively cheap and accessible diagnostic tool that already assists in the diagnosis of various conditions, including pneumonia, tuberculosis and Covid-19,” said the director of the university.

Technology could detect other diseases such as cancer.

The tool was developed at the University of the West of Scotland.

Technology that can help detect various diseases quickly and accurately reduces staff time

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Naeem Ramzan

Professor at University of the West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

Public research university in Paisley, Scotland.