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AI-powered app helps you identify skin, hair and nail issues


Key points from article :

Google unveiled a tool that uses AI to help spot skin, hair and nail conditions, based on images uploaded by patients.

A trial of the "dermatology assist tool", Google IO, should launch later this year.

App has been awarded a CE mark for use as a medical tool in Europe.

Could enable doctors to provide more tailored treatment to patients.

Can recognise 288 skin conditions but is not designed to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Dermatology Assist has not yet been given clearance by the FDA for use in the US.

"Application of AI, both in cancer and in other areas of medicine, informs...what the diagnosis might be and what treatment to offer to an individual," Tim Underwood, Head of cancer sciences unit at the University of Southampton.

The app also requires patients to answer a series of questions online.

Google views this AI as better than searching for the information yourself.

The AI has been optimised to avoid missing alarming or scary conditions such as skin cancer.

Google brings dermatology assistance using AI - can you trust the results?

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Google AI

Artificial intelligence company

Tim Underwood

Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Head of Cancer Sciences Academic Unit, University of Southampton