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A single protein reversed senescence in skeletal muscle cells


Key points from article :

The protein, NANOG, named for the mythical land of youth in Irish folklore is effective at reversing aging in skeletal muscle cells.

Researchers overexpressed NANOG in senescent myoblasts, which are the embryonic precursors to muscle tissue.

Ameliorated age-related deterioration of cells, including autophagy, energy homeostasis, genomic stability, nuclear integrity and mitochondrial function.

NANOG increased the number of muscle stem cells in the muscle of prematurely aging mice.

Reversing cellular aging in the body without the need to reprogram cells to an embryonic pluripotent state.

“..discovering druggable targets in signaling or metabolic networks that mimic the anti-aging effects of NANOG,” - Stelios Andreadis, study’s corresponding author.

Could lead to new treatments or therapies that help reverse cellular senescence, and treat age-related disorders.

Study by University of Buffalo published in Science Advances.

NANOG targets multiple ageing mechanisms - insights may help develop new therapies for age-related disorders

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Science Advances

Journal that publishes original research and reviews in all disciplines of science

Stelios Andreadis

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo

Largest public university in the State University of New York system