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Oldest person on the planet was a Frenchwoman who died back in 1997, she was 122.

47-year-old Russian, Sergey Young, expects to live to 200.

Last year, Young launched the Longevity Vision Fund.

Young conjures up a captivating vision of the future: replaceable body parts, 3D body printing.

Fusion of man and robot may see lifespans increase exponentially.

Young invested $100m and is working with companies like Juvenescence, Freenome, LyGenesis, etc.

Life extension technology will be expensive, so it'll create inequalities between poor, rich people

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Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.


Organ regeneration using a patient's lymph nodes as bioreactors to grow ectopic organs

Sergey Young

Author and Longevity investor and visionary.